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Why use a Billing Service?
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost?
What services do you provide?
You can spend hours a week tracking visits and payments, sending out statements, creating reports, following up with insurance, and collecting unpaid balances OR you can spend your time focusing on what you do best . . . let us take care of all your billing needs.
Fees are based on actual money collected. There is no hourly or monthly fee. You simply pay 7% of money collected from patients and insurance. 
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Is there a set-up fee?
Yes. There is a one-time set-up fee of $150 dollars. This fee includes an account with our clearinghouse to process electronic claims.
What information will be required from me?
After the initial set-up all you will need to do is send us visit logs, reciepts (payments from patients and insurance) and new patient intake forms. We will take care of the rest!
Is my information safe?
Yes! Confidentiality is important to us. Our systems are HIPPA compliant. All Patient and Provider information is encrypted and backed-up daily.